Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hello Dairy Comedy fans.

Just thought I'd take a moment to post links to a couple of articles written focusing on our comedy showcase recently.

And also, James Gold's spot on Denver's Comic Cents Radio.

First, there is Boulder's own newspaper, the Daily Camera.
A lovely little article written by the equally as lovely Aimee Heckel.

You can read it HERE.

The next bit of media coverage came from the Denver Westword, in an interview conducted by Josiah Hesse with the Dairy's own comedy show organizer, James Gold.
You can read the interview HERE.

And as for that Comic Cents radio thing, Jodee and Jesse were kind enough to let James on to plug the Dairy Comedy Showcase, and you can see that video HERE.

 Many thanks for your support, ladies and gents.
And remember:
Tickets are selling well.
You can buy yours by visiting HERE.
Thanks again, and we'll see ya soon!

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