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Nancy is a comedian and professional speaker based in Boulder, Colorado.

Her shows are high energy, in the moment and hilarious to people from all walks of life.

Norton has an extensive and broad comedy background.  She started out in improvisational theater in the 80's and added standup and began touring the US as a standup comedian in 1991 and did several tours overseas entertaining the troops and has entertained on cruise ships around the globe.

Nancy has also used her comedy to raise awareness around human, animal and environmental causes in activist theater and videos for Voxfeminsta and Free Speech TV.  This is where she birthed many characters:  Lesbo the Clown, (a clown with only one skill, wiener-dog balloon animals) who you may have seen protesting animal cruelty at circuses and rodeos, Sri Garee Indiana-from Iowa, (a super silly and insightful prophet for profit) who by guiding us to our lower selves has a way of helping to connect with something greater within us all, and Batperson, (a gender neutral super hero) who protests KKK rallies with Anti-racist bat spray.

You may have seen her on various comedy specials doing standup and her one-woman show, "The Yellowish-Green Girl" aired on PBS and most recently Nancy was featured on Nickmom Night Out on Nickelodeon.


   Elliot Woolsey is one of the biggest comedians around today. Seriously, the guy is like 6’5 and a barely healthy 260 pounds. But don’t let that scare you, Elliot loves making people laugh with his energetic comedy. Elliot won the 2012 New Faces Contest at the world famous Comedy Works, and is a regular at clubs all around Denver, opening for national acts like Todd Glass, T.J Miller, and Reggie Watts.


Kristin Rand's fun, energetic presence has been featured on Colorado's best stages. She's worked with Rory Scovel, Nikki Glaser, Andy Haynes and more. She also writes and performs sketch comedy with Moxie! Visit for show schedules.


James founded and organizes the Dairy Comedy Showcase in addition to co-organizing Boulder's monthly Amante Coffee comedy showcase. His background includes two years of writing and performing family-friendly musical theatre, which involved excessive displays of jazz hands. But those days are a far cry from the absurd and chaotic comedy he performs now, with material ranging from sandwich-making to having sex to working shitty jobs.

He has performed at Comedy Works in Denver and various dungeons in California that are possibly closed by now.


Jon Wilkins is a local Denver Comedian performing at all of the local clubs around town. He also runs a weekly Showcase, Legends of Aurora Pro/Am Comedy Show and a StoryTellers Open Mic on S. Broadway in Denver and travels to Baltimore frequently performing for and east coast crowd. Jon talks about real life issues as divorce was the catalyst to his comedy career and he has learned to harness his genetic Semitic complaining into Jokes. 

And we're happy to announce that our emcee for the evening is NATHAN LUND!


Nathan Lund has performed the glorious art of stand-up comedy for 9 years. He has worked all over the country with many talented comedians, including Kyle Kinane, Rory Scovel, and Doug Stanhope. Nathan is a part of the Fine Gentleman's Club, a group of four Denver comedians whose weekly comedy showcase Too Much Fun has been lauded by the Denver Post, Westword, and Reverb. They recorded an album, An Evening With the Fine Gentleman's Club, at the Denver Comedy Works that is available through Hot Congress Records. 

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